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HoneyTrapped: Woman DJ arrested in high-profile sex racket case!

Woman DJ who was allegedly a part of high-profile sex racket was arrested in Mumbai, yesterday.

The disc jockey, who is originally a resident of Jaipur and is wanted in a case there was involved in blackmailing and honey trapping case.

Last year in December, Rajasthan police has busted the inter-state sex racket case in which group of people extorted over 15 crores from people after filming them in sexual acts and later by threatening them to lodge rape cases against them.

Disc jockey, 21, wanted by Rajasthan police in this case since last December, was now arrested by the police in Mumbai’s Andheri West.

Sunit Soni, a local doctor had complained that the woman convinced him to take her to Pushkar where they stayed in a resort from 4th March to 16th March 2016.

SOG IG Dinesh M N said that after returning from Pushkar, the woman with her accomplices had tried to extort Rs. 1 crore from the doctor. When Sunit failed to pay the money, the woman registered a FIR case against him. For this, the doctor was in jail for 78 days.

The Disc jockey is a resident of the Bramhapuri area of Jaipur, had started a musical group in Mumbai which used to organise events in hotels.

With this arrest, the total number of people arrested in honey trapping case by Rajasthan police has now increased to 32.

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