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Hollywood Wishes Everyone A ‘Stoned’ New Year By Making The LA Sign ‘Hollyweed’!

Hollywood just lit a joint, people. And why not. California made recreational marijuana legal. So it was only fair that Hollywood paid some kind of ‘recreational’ tribute to it!

Thanks to a vandal – who hands down wins the ‘Prankster of the Year’ award two days into 2017 – the Los Angeles’ most iconic landmark got a makeover that couldn’t go unnoticed. Without further ado…


According to LAPD’s Security Services, a CCTV footage showed “a lone individual” scaling Mount Lee, climbing the sign with the help of its built-in ladders, and hanging tarpaulins over the two O’s to transform them into E’s so that the sign read ‘Hollyweed’.
Pure genius!

And guess what? This isn’t the first time the ‘Hollywood’ sign was changed to ‘Hollyweed’. Someone had pulled the same stunt back in 1976 on January 1. 41 years later, we got to see it for ourselves!


This year, the incident happened on New Year’s eve around midnight so that the sign shone nice and bright on New Year’s day. The authorities are hard at work at restoring the sign back to its original glory (sigh!) but one thing’s proved – this year is already lit!

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