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Himalya clarifies their stand on Halal Controversy

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

In Pic: Himalaya Company

A photo is being circulated on social media that claims the pharmaceutical and drugs company, The Himalaya uses halal-certified products. The photo claims that the company maintains Halalness of the herbal, chemical, food color products in order to fulfill the obligation for Muslims to consume Halal products. It further claims the company’s products comply with Islamic Law/ Shariah and are free from any forbidden ingredients under Islamic Law.

In Pic: Himalayan Company promoting Halal Policy

After this news, people started protesting against the company stating that they will boycott Himalayan products till the company issues clarification on this matter. Tagging Himalaya India on Twitter, one of the users asked the company to clarify the issue before it is too late and people start using alternative products. Hope you realize that with Indian consumers it is not only product & quality, some notion of emotions also attached to it, he further said.

In Picture: Himalaya Company’s clarification

According to fact-check website ALT News, Man calling for boycott of Reliance products is not Himalaya Drug Co-owner and the two-minute long video of a man delivering a speech on stage has been shared on social media rapidly. It has been claimed that this individual is the owner of the Himalaya Drug Company. He has also been identified as a Muslim. However, Himalaya company clarified that they never endorsed ‘halal meat’ and on halal certification the company said that halal certification doesn’t mean animal- derived ingredients.

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