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“Himalayan Tragedy: Two Trekkers Perish in Himachal Pradesh’s Bir Billing, Dog Stands Vigil for 48 Hours”

Source:- NDTV

Himachal Pradesh is known for its beauty and its unforgettable experience. Himachal means “the land of snow”, but every beauty has its dark side. We have heard cases of people falling from the mountains of Himachal Pradesh and here is the other case where two trekkers died during an outing in Himachal Pradesh’s Bir Billing. It had been two days since a German Shepherd dog accompanied them and kept barking until and unless their body was found on Tuesday, after 48 hours of them going missing.

The dead trekkers have been identified as Abhinandan Gupta (30) from Punjab and Pranita Wala (26) from Pune. It is evident that the trekkers have died after a fall, but the authorities said that the cause of dead will be confirmed after the post-mortem.

Source:- Google photos

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A favored destination, Bir Billing is located at an altitude of 5,000 feet for mainly treks and paragliding. Whereas the Kangra district police Chief Veer Bahadur said that the Mr. Abhinandan Gupta had been living there for the past four days whereas, the women arrived from Pune a few days back. “The preliminary probe has found that a group of four people, which consisted of two men and two women as they set out in car. When the car could not proceed beyond the point they started walking, as the weather changed the other two refused to go further but on the other hand Mr. Gupta and the women walked further as he said he knew the route,” the officer said.

The other part of the group registered a missing complain after they did not return for a long time. Soon after, a search party was sent to search for them. One of the members from the rescue team said that the bodies were located three kilometers below the point.

Chief police officer Bahadur had a message for all the tourists, “The Kangra district is receiving heavy snowfall, and the weather is changing swiftly. So, any tourist venturing out must be accompanied by a local resident or a guide who has knowledge about this area. Tracks get covered in snow and it is not possible for tourists to figure out the route.” He said phones are of no use due to poor connectivity in the area. “Avoid going out, the weather is poor,” he added.

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