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Here’s why netizens wants Jubin Nautiyal arrested


10 September 2022 (New Delhi): Singer Jubin Nautiyal was recently trending on Twitter, and the reason behind this trend is not good. Thousands of tweets have been made on this hashtag. Through this, a demand was being made to arrest famous Bollywood singer Jubin Nautiyal.

Why there is demand to arrest Jubin?

Jubin Nautiyal, who has given superhit songs like ‘Raatan Lambiya’ and ‘Dil Galti Kar Baitha Hai’, has become a victim of trolls on Twitter because of his next concert. Users are trolling him fiercely and are also demanding the police to arrest him. But what has happened that has made the public so angry with Jubin Nautiyal? Let’s figure it out…

The poster for Jubin Nautiyal’s next concert is going viral on Twitter. In this poster, a ruckus has started regarding the name of the organizer. Many users have shared this poster and claimed that this person named Jai Singh is actually a wanted criminal in India. Users say that the name of the person is not Jai Singh but Rehan Siddiqui.

All this ruckus has arisen in the name of Jai Singh. It has been claimed that person named Jai Singh is a wanted criminal who has been wanted by the police for 30 years. He faced many serious charges, including supporting Khalistan with drug smuggling. At the same time, many social media users have also alleged that Jai Singh is associated with the Pakistani intelligance agency group ISI.

Many users have alleged that Jubin Nautiyal performs at the concert of traitors. This is against the country, and in such a situation, Jubin Nautiyal should be arrested. Along with Jubin, once again the users have surrounded Bollywood as well. Many users are also dragging the name of singer Arijit Singh into it. Users say that Arijit has also been in contact with a person named Jai Singh.

Jubin Nautiyal is a well-known name in the music industry. He has sung superhit songs like “Tum Hi Aana”, “Loot Gaye”, and “Bewafa Tera Masoom Chehra”. He started his singing career in Bollywood by singing the song “Ek Mulaqat” from the film ‘Sonali Cable’. There are many fans of Jubin’s singing style and voice.

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