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Here’s why Bengali’s girls make for better life partners over others

Bengali girls – Any man who has ever dated a Bengali girl is sure to agree with the fact that there is something about Bengali girls. Love her or hate her, but you surely cannot ignore her, isn’t it men?

With a plethora of qualities that get attached under the name of Bengali girls, here we elucidate upon the top seven reasons that make her the hottest girlfriend ever:

1 – Fiercely Independent:

Bengali girlfriends are never clingy types, the damsel in distress kinds who always needs you to take care of her and be her torchbearer. Instead, she sets her own rules and is independent to the core with a fierce temperament that makes her sail through life’s problems with ease and intelligence, and most importantly, she prefers doing it on her own.

2 – Immensely Knowledgeable:

For her, relationships mean deep conversations on topics unlimited. Her basic years of growing up in the land of Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Ray, Netaji Subhas Chanda Bose and other eminent personalities help shape her mind and upbringing. Her conversations will be a mark of true knowledge, of intelligence, of depth that knows no bounds and your relationship will never get boring.

3 – Expresses Through Her Eyes:

Those bright kohl-lined eyes speak a million words and that is exactly where the beauty of Bengali girls finds expression to be precise. If your girlfriend happens to be a Bengali, then be sure to learn the language of love that she expresses through her eyes and you better learn the song as well, ‘Chokh-a Chokh-a Katha bolo’ (Let the eyes speak) and yes, she literally speaks through them, seduces through them and lets her eyes express the language of love in a million ways.

4 – Family Oriented:

The beautiful Bengali girl is extremely close to her family that includes extended relations like boro-mama, mejo-jethu, phool-pishi and many more. Her closeness to her dear ones comes as a blessing for she can never take up a fight with you for choosing to spend time with your family. She understands and values her relations and therefore, she is sure to value yours as well and thus give you the personal space that every individual need.

5 – Die-Hard Foodie:

From aloo posto to maacher jhol to paayesh to some hot spicy mutton kosha be prepared to be pampered to the core with mouth-watering dishes that make up her existence. Bengalis predominantly live to eat and love cooking that they consider an art. When you have one of them as the girlfriend, it indeed makes everyday a treat with different dishes of delicious taste that calls for a celebration on an everyday basis.

6 – Multi-Talented Persona:

Bengali girls grow up amidst a rich cultural setting that leads to their childhood years were spent in different activities like drawing, painting, dance, recitations apart from studies. So your girlfriend makes for a multi-talented person who has a passion that she pursues in her free time. So be sure that you are not to get any calls and messages cribbing and crying that you are not giving her time, for she is too busy with her own world that makes up her passions, her dreams and of her love interests to be precise.

7 – Her Caring Attitude:

She is going to be an extremely caring and passionately romantic girlfriend yet who isn’t clingy for the matter. She is to pamper you to the core, shower you with thoughtful gestures, buy you gifts and is sure to make you feel special on an everyday basis in a thousand of ways that is sure to bowl you over even after dating this gem for years.

If you happen to date a Bengali girl, better keep her, for you might not get luckier in love again!

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