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Here’s why Apple is not giving you a charging adapter and earphones with iPhone?

Apple announced not to provide the adapter and earpods with the iPhone box, citing the environment. This reduced the cost of Apple. But Apple did not pass this benefit to the customers, due to which Apple has earned an additional Rs 50,000 crore. Apple is not providing chargers and adapters with the iPhone since 2020 due to environmental damage. According to the company, its aim is to reduce electric waste. The company had claimed that not providing chargers and EarPods with the iPhone would result in a reduction of about 2 million carbon emissions every year. Which is equivalent to the carbon emissions generated by 5 lakh cars, at that time Apple’s move was much appreciated.

Huge loss to customers

But now critics say that the company is benefiting from this. While this is causing huge loss to the customers. Please note that Apple does not provide adapters and earbuds with the iPhone box. While it is being sold separately. The company sells Apple iPhones for £1,549. In this case, Apple saves around £27 (Rs 2,694) from each phone. While the Adapter sells the earphones separately for £19 (Rs 1,896).

Estimated to earn around Rs 50,000 crore

According to Ben Wood, Head Tech Analyst at CCS Insight, Apple has sold 190 million iPhones worldwide. In such a situation, Apple is expected to save £ 5 billion (Rs 4,98,83,23,69,500) by not providing the charger and earphones with the iPhone. In addition, an additional £225 million in revenue was generated from the sale of accessories.

Apple working towards carbon neutral

Apple claims that it is already carbon neutral. Also, by 2030, the company will work to become carbon neutral for its entire supply chain and product use. According to the company, every Apple device will be zero carbon neutral. For this, the company has reduced the ingredients used in the packaging. This has cut carbon emissions by 2 million metric tons.

By line: Divya Thearia

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