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Here’s What Melania Has To Say About Her Sex Life With Donald Trump

Now, do you really want to know about the sex life of Donald Trump? Okay if yes then this attached audio is for you.

We all know how creepy of a man Donald Trump is when it comes to women. The internet is full of his misogynistic remarks. He even expressed his desire to date, Ivanka Trump, if she was not his daughter. Weird right? This man is an ultimate freak.

Donald Trump is about to complete 100 days as the US president. Meanwhile, a resurfaced radio conversation from 1999 of Donald and Melania with Howard Stern is creating some buzz around.

In this audio Melania is heard revealing her sex experiences with the Now US president to Howard Stern. And three of them are unfazed and seem to enjoy the conversation.

Back in 1999, Donald Trump was running for president. Yes, it’s happened multiple times.

He hopped on the radio to chat with his best friend Howard Stern.

The two public misogynists are chatting and bring up Trump’s then-girlfriend, Melania. Trump mentions that she’s nearby, and Stern tells him to put her on the phone.

Melania got on to the phone

Stern tells her to “put on your hottest outfit” to go out with him and Trump. Then he asks her what she’s wearing at the moment. She says,

Not much.

Stern asks if she’s “nude” and she tells him, “Almost.”

Stern asks if she has sex with Donald every night. She tells him “even more.” Melania adds they have a “great, great time.”

Stern goes on being a sexist creep, talking about the possibility Melania steals money from Donald, what she wears to the beach and her “very nice chest for a model.”

Rest you listen to the audio.





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