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Here’s how you can still read that deleted WhatsApp message after it’s been unsent

The latest update of the most downloaded messaging app WhatsApp has added the most wanted feature, “Delete for everyone” which lets you “unsend” embarrassing messages, which would effectively remove them from the conversation for both you and the recipient.

However, it has something which the company might have missed.

In the latest loophole, Android Jefe has found that one can read messages that have already been deleted from your Notification log on Android Phones. While it isn’t a big flaw, it’s still a strange discovery.

You can do this by long-pressing the Settings icon, tapping the Widgets symbol that appears at the top of the pop-up window, and dragging the Settings widget to your home screen.

After doing that, scroll down to the Notification log and tap on the relevant entry on the list.

Or alternatively, you can download the app named Notification History.

The messages, however, can be viewed that were deleted, but you need to have already interacted with them.

The messages were read even after being deleted that was read in WhatsApp, for example, and that we’d swiped away when they first appeared on-screen as notifications.

If someone has already seen a message you accidentally sent before you manage to delete it, the worst of the damage has already been done.

That said, you can still gain a little peace of mind by removing an embarrassing message from view, even it is already been seen. This flaw, unfortunately, preserves it.

There are further caveats too. The methods described above only work for text messages, and they’ll disappear from the Notification Log when you restart your phone. More about: WhatsApp

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