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Here’s how much these people spend upon their styling and clothes

Year end is the time when all the fashion magazines and Page 3 is filled with the year look-back analyzing the best and worst looks of celebrities, who s the most stylish, who wears the best outfits. But have you ever thought about how much our most celebrated Politicians spend on themselves? Well, there’s no denial that they are none less than celebrities for us. So let’s find it our today.

Kate Middleton

The 34-year-old Duchess of Cambridge, who was previously known to be favor mass-market clothing in UK, reportedly switched to high-end fashion at the expense of her father-in-law Prince Charles.
Not so frugal after all! How Kate has sported designer clothes worth over £174,000 this year – FOUR times more than her £43,000 wardrobe in 2015


It was revealed in the accounting records of Prince Charles that the elegant dress of Kate Middleton is a part of a whopping $4.5 million clothing expenses.

She’s often praised for her thriftiness, thanks to recycling outfits, digging out pieces she’s had in the wardrobe for the best part of a decade and favouring high street labels.

But recently the Duchess of Cambridge has developed a taste for designer labels such as D&G and Preen, pushing up the cost of her 2016 wardrobe to a massive £174,170.

Research by MailOnline has found that by comparison the Duchess wore clothing worth just £43,260.99 in 2015.

Narendra Modi

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made news not only for his powerful attitude and speeches but also for his style statements and personalized outfits. While some have praised him for being stylish others keep criticizing him for spending a bit too much on his clothes.


If rumours are to be believed, Modi never repeats his clothes. He has been in government for 700 days, so that amounts to Rs 70 crore. Kejriwal added that Modi has spent another Rs five crore on other clothes that he wears”
People also claim that PM Modi’s outfits cost Rs 2 lakh per set, and he changed it five times a day so he spent Rs 10 lakh on clothes each day.

Well whatever the cost may be, all we know is that PM Modi never lags in flaunting his style.

Arvind Kejriwal

We have nothing to say on this. No raw data or facts and figures about how much Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal spends upon himself. So let’s just take a look at him and decide for ourselves how mush at max it could cost.


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