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Here’s How Much Luke Skywalker’s Original Lightsaber Costs!

Luke Skywalker’s special weapon from ‘Star Wars’ sold at an auction for over $450,000 or Rs 2.9 crore.

The lightsaber, used by actor Mark Hamill as Skywalker in Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, was purchased by Orlando-based Ripley company,

The prop was originally part of the collection owned by producer Gary Kurtz.

Ripley, however, is not saying where the lightsaber will be displayed, though people are speculating that it might go on display at one of the ‘Believe It or Not’ locations around the US.

The company has also secured a 15-foot version of the film series’ Millennium Falcon ship, created from nearly a million matchsticks by Iowa artist Patrick Acton.

“We’ve been looking for ‘Star Wars’ stuff for a few months now in order to complement that when it comes,” said Edward Meyer, vice-president of archives and exhibits for Ripley.

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