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Here’s A List Of Services That Are Free In India, But Maybe Paid In Other Countries.

As an Indian, you are used to say the phrase “Bhaiya, aek aur dena.” This complimentary phrase works efficiently all over India, be it a ‘Gol Gappe vaala’ aur High-end shopping complex. This “Bhaiya, aek aur dena” phrase seems not to end anytime soon.

The problem arises; when this mentality flies off to a different country. The economic crisis they trapped into, and delay to adapt the economic changes. It may be a shock, or annoying, as too many of the people for paying for the same service which is free in their home country.

Yes! When you fly to a different country, you may be charged for the service you are getting free in India, or vis-à-vis.

Here, we brought you the list of services that are free (or paid) in India but are paid (or free) in another country


Education: if you’re a Malaysian; at least until you finish high school. And you’re good and eligible for scholarships, then you’d be studying for free wherever and at whatever stage (including postgraduates).


Health: Again, if you are a Malaysian; Government hospitals basically provide free services and supply free medications for all citizens of any age. Even procedures and surgeries are free though some special instruments (for example in spine surgeries) needed might have to be paid by the patients. Services are as good (if not better) than private hospitals here.


Food: Ever heard of “Open Houses“, where you come from? Malaysians are huge when it comes to food and giving. “Open Houses” are a tradition in Malaysia where strangers, foreigners, and locals alike are all invited to these houses to enjoy free food and socialize. You can even do takeaways. No kidding. A heaven for Indians, as they like ‘free’ stuff a lot



Hot drinks at petrol stations: Takes place during festive seasons for long distance road travelers. This is to encourage drivers to stop and rest; done in good faith to reduce the number of deaths/motor vehicle accidents that happen every goddamn festive season.


Internet: If you are in The US, feel lucky. Unlike India, The US government (or the Internet Service Provider) doesn’t charge their customer for accessing the public WiFi. In India, we have wifi hotspot which connects for about 30 mins and then you have to buy if you like.


Contacting the government in Canada: If you try to send mail to any government official in Canada, you don’t have to pay postage. Canada Post will take it for free.


Airport Luggage trolleys: At Indian airports, you can use trolleys for baggage and don’t have to worry about paying in foreign currency coins.


Toilets: You can use toilets at a shopping mall, museums without paying anything. While in other countries 1 or 2 euro need to be paid.


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