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Here is why you should have sex in the morning

Instead of hitting that snooze button and sinking back into meaningless slumber, why not make use of that rude awakening to spruce up your sex life! Begin your day with some brilliant lovemaking. After all, morning sex is not only good for your love life, it is also beneficial health-wise. So surprise your partner by trying out the following tips and heighten the pleasures of that early morning rendezvous.
It turns out that having sex when you wake up has been shown to boost your mood and energy level, and decrease your blood pressure, according to research from Forza Supplements. Reasons you should have morning sex:

  • Because, seriously people, what better way to start the day?
  • Because it allows you to stay in bed just a little longer.
  • Because then you won’t feel bad being too tired for sex at the end of the day.
  • Because swallowing allegedly cures morning sickness.
  • Because it keeps you healthy.
  • Because he’ll last longer.

The best time to wake up and start your day is 6:45 a.m. because you’ll ideally be getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep you need to be fully rested. More than 80 percent of those surveyed said eating breakfast at 7:15 a.m. helped them lose weight.

  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth the night before. Also, consider keeping some dissolvable mints (NOT chewing gum) at your bedside to pop, when you wake up. Bad breath can ruin any sexual experience.
  • Try initiating sex in a different way, instead of opting for the same old predictable routine. Give your man a sexy ‘wake-up call’. To do this, play some soft romantic music, and as soon as you both are awake and aroused, quietly slip out of your clothes. He’ll definitely get the hint.
  • Keep condoms in an arm’s length of the bed, for you never know what the early morning cuddling may lead to. You definitely don’t want to scavenge the room searching for them.
  • Morning sex is refreshingly primal because it is difficult to hide your physical flaws, thanks to the view daylight offers. So let go of your inhibitions and draw back the shades; enjoy sex with a visual thrill!
  • You could experiment with positions too. Since you both will be groggy, try a position like spooning that requires little effort.
  • Having sex in the morning releases the feel-good chemical oxytocin, which makes couples feel bonded all day long.

  • Apart from the fact that regular morning sex makes you feel upbeat for the rest of the day, it also helps in building a stronger immune system.
  • Having morning sex three times a week lessens the risk of a heart attack or stroke. What are you waiting for?

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