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“He can’t even follow the basic safety norms to protect himself.” Barack Obama criticized Donald Trump over COVID- 19 pandemic. Trump strikes back

By Ishank Katyal

Barack Obama at Florida International University, Miami.

The first black President of United States of America Barack Obama slammed President Donald Trump over handling the deadly virus pandemic in the country during his speech to Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden supporters on Saturday.

Obama said at a virus- free drive- in rally in Miami, “The idea that somehow this White House has done anything but completely screw this up is nonsense.”

“President Donald Trump isn’t suddenly going to protect all of us. He can’t even follow the basic safety norms to protect himself,” he added, referring to Trump’s being corona positive three weeks ago.

The Biden campaign has put Obama ahead of the presidential elections set for November 3- although nearly 55 Americans have casted their votes early this year and the central issues of this election include the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic which killed over 2,24,000 Americans and the protests reacting to the killing of the George Floyd.

The polls continue to show Biden’s Democratic Party is leading the race against Trump’s Republican Party.

Obama also pointed out Trump for failing to control the white dominance and lying in front of the public. Moreover, he also criticised Trump for cutting some parts of an interview with the journalist Lesley Stahl on CBS’s show to 60 minutes, saying Trump’s behaviour in the interview demonstrated he “ain’t all that tough.”

After hearing all such criticism, Donald Trump denied all of them by saying in his Twitter account that there were only “47 people” at his event.

Trump also made age remarks on Joe Biden by saying “No energy, but still better than Joe,” and calling him “sleepy Joe”.

Trump criticised Obama’s speech. “They want to depress you,” he said about media reporting the voting numbers. “These polls are much better than four years ago,” he added.

“This election is a choice between a Trump’s super recovery and Biden depression.” Trump told his supporters at a rally at US’s state of North Carolina.

US has faced the highest national death toll worldwide with more than 8.6 million confirmed cases including 12.65 million active cases and 1.15 million deaths.

The economy of the country has been affected badly as it has recorded the biggest drop in the economic output. More than 3.3 million have lost their jobs since the first week of March.

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