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‘Have sex with pillow, abuse batchmates’: Ragging still haunts Indian Students!

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Ragging Fear Haunts Indian Students Again After Horrible Incident Of Ragging In Indore’s MGM Medical College.

July 27, 2022 (New Delhi): We all are living in a ‘New India’ of new dreams, hopes and aspirations. But this ‘New India’ can not sideline its old thoughts and practices which can seriously damage the mindset and lives of new generation. Ragging In Indian educational institutions is one of the most unnoticed issue that can led to lives being shattered and young people being rendered helpless. In a shocking incident from Madhya Pradesh, Senior MBBS students from MGM College, Indore, which is state’s biggest government medical college, have been charged with ragging by pressuring juniors to engage in harsh and unnatural activities. Students at the government college revealed that they were made to act inappropriately toward other female students and engage in unnatural acts.

Pic Credit: Getty Images.

Senior Medical students are also charged for forcing juniors to perform vulgar acts of performing ‘sex with pillow’ and other abusive acts. The senior students identities have not been revealed. After this horrible incident, the shocked juniors dialled the University Grants Commission, or UGC, anti-ragging helpline and narrated their horrific ordeal. The juniors told the police they were made to pretend to have sex with pillows and batchmates at the flats of the senior MBBS students. After getting sense of the incident, the UGC contacted the college and sought action, after which the college’s anti-ragging committee decided to file a police case or FIR (first information report) against all the accused.

In Picture: Stop Ragging Campaigns started at various educational institutions to aware students regarding the seriousness of the subject.

Indore Police stated that they will start recording the statement of all MBBS freshers. In the complaint filed by a junior student with the UGC’s anti-ragging helpline, it was also alleged the seniors compelled fresher male students to choose the name of a female batchmate and heaping abusive remarks on her. Disgracefully, Junior Students were forced to do sit-ups, and slap each other so hard that the sound is “loud and clear”. They also alleged their mobile phones were snatched during the ragging. These shameful, horrible incidents of ragging questions the spine of our educational institutions which claims to give moral support and values to students and to the contrary, these disgraceful acts prevent young minds from independent thinking and to eradicate freewill. This needs to stopped, at least in a ‘New India’ of new dreams and aspirations.

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