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Happy Birthday Salman Khan (Bhai jaan)Time for Salman Khan to Reinvent himself? Industry Experts Weigh In

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Salman Khan, the enduring Bollywood superstar, has been a fixture in the film industry for over three decades. While his career has seen remarkable highs, recent years have brought about a dip in box-office success and critical acclaim. As Salman celebrates his birthday, industry experts contemplate whether it’s time for the actor to reinvent himself, much like Shah Rukh Khan did in 2023.

Anees Bazmee, a filmmaker known for directing Salman in hits like “No Entry” and “Ready,” believes Salman doesn’t necessarily need a complete rebranding. According to Bazmee, Salman’s longevity in the industry is a testament to his caliber, and any changes should be at the actor’s discretion. However, Bazmee suggests a return to comedy for Salman, stepping away from the “macho hero” image for a while, as the audience’s preferences have evolved.

Salman’s recent films, including “Radhe,” “Antim,” and “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan,” failed to meet expectations at the box office. Trade expert Komal Nahta attributes this to a “mismatch of content” and emphasizes the importance of script selection. Nahta believes that no amount of stardom can compensate for poor content, urging Salman to be more discerning with his choice of films.

Nahta also points out the need for Salman to work with top-notch directors who can do justice to his star power and provide a check on his performance. He suggests that Salman should focus more on his acting and less on peripheral aspects like music, lyrics, dialogues, and screenplay. Drawing attention to details, such as inconsistent hairstyles in films, Nahta emphasizes that these aspects can impact audience perception and confidence in the star.

In conclusion, industry experts suggest that Salman Khan needs to carefully reconsider his script choices, collaborate with experienced directors, and concentrate on enhancing his acting skills to regain his standing in the industry. As the actor navigates the challenges of evolving audience tastes, a strategic reinvention might be the key to revitalizing his career.

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