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Hanumangarh MIG21 crash, 3 females dead, both pilots safe: Know More

The MiG-21 fighter jet of the Indian Air Force crashed in Hanumangarh, Rajasthan at around 10:25 am on Monday morning. Three women died in the accident, while three people including a man were injured. One injured is said to be serious. The pilot of the fighter jet, Rahul Arora (25 years) and the co-pilot are safe.

According to information, a fighter jet of the Indian Air Force crashed and fell on a house near Bahalol Nagar village of Pilibanga in Hanumangarh district. During the accident, the pilot and co-pilot saved their lives by jumping through parachutes. But when the plane fell on the house, the people around came under its grip. So far, the news of the death of three women in the accident has come to the fore. The names of the deceased women are Banso, Banto, and Leeladevi.

Hanumangarh Sadar Police Station Incharge SHO Lakhbir Singh has confirmed three deaths. Three people including a man were injured in the accident.

After the accident, a crowd of people gathered at the spot. Pilibanga police and army helicopter reached the spot for help. After the accident, the people of the village immediately ran towards the spot and helped the pilot who landed with the help of a parachute. People made the pilot lie down in the shade and massaged him. At the same time, some people extinguished the fire in the house where the plane fell. The fire brigade and ambulance reached the spot as soon as the information about the accident was received.

MP Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore has termed the Hanumangarh MiG-21 crash as unfortunate. Rathore said that the fighter pilot has to do different methods and continuous training for the aircraft to prepare for the war, which is not easy. The loss of lives in this accident is very sad.

It is being told that the fighter jet took off from Suratgarh Air Base. The pilot lost control of the plane 15 minutes after take-off due to a technical glitch. Before the accident, both pilots had separated themselves by ejecting from the aircraft. Due to the presence of mind, both the pilot and co-pilot of the aircraft survived safely. But the rural women died after the plane came under its grip after falling on a kutcha house built in a residential area.

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