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Hamas: Israel is the beginning, our laws will be applied to whole world

Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Zahar released a more than one-minute video after the attack on Israel. In this video, he has claimed to increase his influence on the whole world. His warning comes at a time when Hamas has taken hundreds of Israeli citizens hostage after rocket attacks on Israel.

Hamas carried out air strikes on Israel on October 7, killing 1,200 Israelis and wounding thousands. After this attack, Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Zahar has released a video and warned the whole world.

“Israel is only the first target,” the Hamas commander said in the video. The whole world will be within our law. The whole world of 510 million square kilometers will come under a system where there will be no injustice, no oppression and no crime, as is being done to the Palestinians in all Arab countries, Lebanon and Syria.’

Soon after the Hamas commander’s video, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement in which he warned the terrorist organization that the death of every Hamas member is certain. “Hamas is a Daesh (terror organisation ISIS) and we will crush it. Just as the world has destroyed it, we will too. ‘

Hundreds of Israeli civilians have been taken hostage by Hamas militants after rocket attacks on Israel. Israel’s PM and opposition parties have jointly established a ‘government of national emergency’ against Hamas.

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