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Greta Thunberg shares toolkit on Farmer Protests, later deletes and creates uproar in India.

Byline By- Vinayak Heliwal

Swedish Environmental activist Greta Thunberg’s tweets on the farmer protests in India has created an uproar in Social media.

Her latest tweet in which she shared a ‘toolkit’ to amplify farmer’s voices created controversy on Wednesday.

Terming it as a ‘toolkit’, the 18-year-old activist who shot to fame with her ‘Fridays for Future’ Movement in 2018 called for people to refer to said ‘toolkit’ if they wanted to help the farmers agitation.

The document titled ‘Global Farmers Strike – First Wave’ says, “On 26th January, a major day of globally coordinated actions, show your support at local physical locations, wherever you are. Either find protests happening in your city/state/country and participate in large (or small) numbers or organize one.”

The document also included various urgent Actions, including creating a Twitter storm and holding protests outside Indian embassies and government officers to support farmers’ protest.

The document titled – Ask India Why – consists of detailed instructions to target the Indian government and a few Indian corporate enterprises, in the garb of the farmers’ protest.

Though Thunberg later deleted the tweet but not before several social media accused her of being a part of an ‘international conspiracy to defame India’. The tweet also led to a range of people sharing a hashtag #Greta Thunberg exposed.

However, it remains unclear who initially made the documents and who is the catalyst behind the international solidarity.

Meanwhile, India in a strong worder reaction by foreign celebrities termed international celebrity’s statement on farmer protests as part of ‘vested interest groups’.Terming their support as ‘sensationalist social media hashtags the MEA called those comments ‘neither accurate nor responsible.

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