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No Fear No Favour

Gorgeous Rita Ora flaunts a bathrobe on the red carpet!

Understanding your plight, here’s how Rita Ora has decided to embrace the bathrobe and go full-on leisure at the MTV EMAs red carpet.

And by full-on leisure we mean she literally wore a bathrobe and hair towel to the awards. Please see below for fabulousness.

Rita Ora: a woman of the people.

The question becomes, did she actually wear that to get ready and then wear it out or did she get ready in another fluffy dressing gown and towel and then put this new, fresh set on?

Also, how did she get her towel to stay in place? Please, Rita, shed some light.

Whatever the answer, she’s definitely wearing more diamonds than I would opt for post-shower. And those heels look nothing like my fluffy Uggs…

Long robes, not your thing? Don’t worry. There’s also a short version of this look perfect for presenting awards onstage, as one does.

So the next time anyone tries to tell you to ditch your robe and put some “real clothes” on, feel free to tell them you already did.

The bathrobe is no more a loo attire and this white morning gown is, of course, not! What an elegance! Blends perfectly with her doll-like shape.

Hats-off to this bold lady and her bold move for breaking all stereotypes!

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