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#GoodNews: Mother’s Blood Pressure Will Determine The Sex Of A Child, Read how!

Gone are the days when parents had to visit a doctor to determine whether they will become the parents of a boy or a girl. Now, scientists think one piece of health information may actually be useful.

According to a report published in American Journal of Hypertension, a woman’s blood pressure level before conception may be a predictor of the sex of the baby she’ll deliver.A study conducted on 1,411 women, prior to conception, for over 26 weeks resulted that women with a systolic blood pressure of 106mm Hg tended to have a boy. And women who had a blood pressure of 103mm Hg tended to deliver girls.


This new study proves that the blood pressure of a mother may be a sign of delivering a boy or a girl.
Though, it is still unclear whether women can choose a gender purposely or not by matching the blood pressure.
Further, researchers do not want people to purposely match the blood pressure during conception which may affect the health of a baby as well as the mother.

This research may affect India’s deteriorating sex ratio, as Indian prefers a male child over a female and the abortion cases may see a rise in upcoming years.

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