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No Fear No Favour

#GoodByeObama: These pictures proves why he is the most down to earth person to sit on a presidential chair.

Two times nominated president of The USA, Barack Obama, term has came to an end. In his farewell speech, Barack Obama couldn’t able to control his emotional side when the crowd cheered him with “one more term, Mr President”. President Barack Obama, left in tears after seeing so much of gratitude by his supporter.

While his term came to an end, here is a throwback of his journey while he was in tenure. Scroll on.

1) Maybe, first day of his office

Barack Obama 3

2) Family time

Barack Obama

3) Buffing-up

Barack Obama2

4) Luckiest super-man in the world

Barack Obama4

5) “How did I gain so much of weight?”

Barack Obama6

6) “Nope, I wont give you a bite” child said

Barack Obama7

7) Yep, you found me

Barack Obama8

8) Dancing session with the firsrt story

Barack Obama9

9) Mimic competition

Barack Obama10

And to give you a treat, here’s a video that proves Barack Obama is the coolest president.

Video Courtsey: U.S Weekly

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