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Good News ’90s Kids, Shaktimaan May Hit Our TV Soon!!

With Disney XD announced the revamped version of their hit cartoon series, Duck Tales, from the ’80s, all the nostalgic feelings starts to hit our minds, as for how we wait for those Saturday’s and Sunday’s just to watch those cartoons. And now, the news is making its round that Shaktimaan may soon hit our TV. If the news is believed to be true, then the march couldn’t get much better than this.

It won’t be wrong saying that the iconic character of Shaktimaan, played by Mukesh Khanna, marked the advent of a superhero fanaticism in India.

At a recent event where the actor launched his website and unveiled Shaktimaan’s statue, the actor says, “Last week I attended two school functions where I got immense love and kids were hooting loudly for me as ‘Shaktimaan’. Therefore, I feel the superhero series should be back again and I am trying to bring back the series on the small screen. Doordarshan is allowing it but I want satellite channels should come forward to air the series.”

If this is coming back, this year can’t get any better than this. As grown-up kids from the ‘80s and ‘90s can relive their childhood once again. Till then, why don’t you listen to the title song of the original Shaktimaan? Here’s the video:

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