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Going Aadhaar way: Now Aadhaar for paid sex in Goa

The concept of paid sex is no more a discreet and private affair, with business being conducted behind the closed doors. Especially in Goa.

Patrons wishing for paid sex now have shown their Aadhaar cards, as a proof of identity.

In an effort to avoid authorities, pimps in Goa have introduced several layers of verification measures including Aadhaar cards. Customers also have to send photos of themselves and surrounding area, including hotel premises and room, as proof.

Over the past few months, the state has heavily cracked down on flesh trade.

According to a report in the Times of India, a group of men looking for paid sex were forced to shell out their Aadhaar cards.

The men, who were there for a bachelor party, contacted someone for five ‘girls’. The contact soon reverted, demanding for their Aadhaar details via WhatsApp along with a photo of their room keys with the hotel tag.

The report added that pimps are doing a background check to see if customers aren’t police decoys, as flesh trade in India is illegal.

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