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Glorify your flow darling! It is Menstruation Hygiene day after all!

We live in a society where menstruation is still taken as a stigmatized and a taboo topic. Even products like sanitary napkins are still sold in a black polythene as if it’s a shameful matter. Sources say that most of the Indian women in rural and slum areas are still not aware about the napkins and indulge in the practice of using cloth. The basic products are not accessible to them. 

Practices like good menstrual hygiene is a blue topic for them which leads to a phase where it is neglected so much that it becomes a laid back task and can even lead to infections and irritation. Hence, it becomes important to spread awareness and educate each individual about it. A good menstrual health and hygiene decreases the chances of Reproductive Tract Infections.

Menstrual hygiene will have practices like changing napkins at least 2-3 times a day, disposal of the used napkins, washing your undergarments and drying them in the sun, wearing clean undergarments, and finally keeping yourself clean.

It becomes a high priority task to talk about menstrual hygiene, to spread awareness, and to celebrate the day! If we take the initiative ourselves, we will be able to create a society that does not stigmatize menstrual hygiene. 

Today marks the day of Menstrual Hygiene Day where several efforts are made in order to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene, and to bring all of our girls together so that they are not put off by the fact that they bleed naturally. The reason behind choosing 28th May as the Menstrual Hygiene Day is due to the reason that most women’s menstrual cycles are 28 days long on average, and their menstruation periods are 5 days long.

To honor the occasion, SheWings Foundation took a higher road to help the rural areas and slums and decided to conduct a donation drive with support from Mr. Pankaj Aggarwal and Mr. Ankur Garg of Rotary Club of Delhi Midwest.

Special support was given by Dr. Arika Bansal and Dr. Pradeep Sethi founder of Eugenix Skin & Hair Sciences. Also their sponsor was the famous lingerie store Clovia

The donation drive happened in locations like Village Kasna, Tehsil in Dadri (Greater Noida) and in Ratan Khand Slum along with Bijli Pasi Quila Slum in Lucknow. Their donation drive included things like hygiene products such as sanitary napkins, hand wash, hand rub, vaginal wipes, and undergarments. 

SheWings has been actively participating in spreading awareness for the past seven years and till date, they have been successfully holding sessions for more than 3 million females and along with the distribution of menstrual hygiene kits. They have been doing amazing work in normalizing and eradicating period poverty by changing the mindset. Their value proposition is YesIbleed and they plan to adopt more villages.  Check out their MHM Camp done at Chetram Sharma GSSS.

It is really inspiring to see such organizations and people taking the initiative of increasing the awareness of Menstrual Hygiene Health and as well as to educate people on this. This will help changing the mindset of everyone. They are spreading happiness everywhere!

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