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Give It Back To Trollers: This Company Is Giving Trollers The Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Should we use the internet as a perfect fate for a troll? And what if internet trolls can be eaten which are written on a cake?

It seems very curious, isn’t it? It’s hard to respond back to those who write unpleasant, mean comments online. But the New York City has discovered a new, quirky and cool way to shove off their words back to them.

The New York City baker Kat Thek is the founder of troll Cakes, a bakery and detective agency. These cakes are tempting and mouth-watering. It offers to create a cake with nasty internet comments on it and then box it up in a gleeful confetti and send it to the commentator.

On the first instance, the box looks catchy and would deceive anyone to fall for its tempting looks and beauty. And you open it with all the excitement, which fades away soon after opening the box. The box, with nasty comments written in frost letters and mean words on the delicious chocolate chip brownie which are enough to offend people and turn their day into the most memorable one (in a negative way).

This is really a new way to shove-off the fredelant letters from their throats! And the process is simple too. Just send the troll comment and the address of the commentator. They will turn the comment into a custom troll cake and mail it to their home. And if you don’t know the troller’s address, don’t worry, the company will do it for you. They will investigate the troller’s address.

By: Rinki Chauhan

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