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Girl might have got arrested for wearing a top, which didn’t cover her shoulder !

There is no denying the fact that girls are victims of gender inequality at the present time too and they have to follow the list of Dos & Don’ts while there are no restrictions on the boys. The surprising fact is that this statement is valid for the western culture also which boasts of giving equal choices to both the genders.

Even in the 21st century, we are witnessing incidents which give us an impression that we are living in the past. A high school student has been suspended from school and she won’t be able to attend her own graduation. It’s obviously disgusting to know that all this happened just because she wore a top which didn’t cover her shoulders.

Yes, you read it right! Summer, a student of Hickory Ridge High School, North Carolina, was suspended from school as she went to school wearing this top:

Summer is a brilliant honour student having a score of 4.4 GPA. She was having her meals in cafeteria when the Principal came to her and asked the girl to cover herself. He came again but this time, he had an armed guard with him and he asked Summer to change her top completely.

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