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German nurse offers death-bed to 100 out of ‘Boredom’

When boredom strikes, we tend to do something which turns out to be creative. But here a German nurse comes up with an inimitable idea to combat the battle against boredom.

Serving a life sentence for two murders, Nurse Niels Hoegel is believed to have put to death more than 100 patients. German prosecutors consider him for killing more than the count.

Cops in Oldenburg said that they have now completed examinations of patients who died in Niels Hoegel’s time as a nurse at two local hospitals and have found a further 16 cases in which he is suspected.

In late August, they said they had determined that he might have killed at least another 84 patients beyond the ones for whose murder he is already serving time.

Prosecutors expect to unearth new charges by early 2018 against Hoegel. The usage of overdoses of heart medication and other drugs is his unique way to craft the patient lye on the death-bed.

Hoegel takes pleasure in the feeling of being able to give the kiss of life to all those patients.

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