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Ganesh Chaturthi 2022: Different names of Lord Ganesha and their meanings that will surprise you

Edited by: Divya Thearia

30th August 2022 (New Delhi): Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Ganesha has an elephant-faced deity who is revered by worshippers before each new beginning. He brings luck and good fortune in your life. Ganesh Vandana is the name for the custom of worshipping Lord Ganesha before all significant occasions. On the occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi, we will talk about the story behind his every name

Ek danta

Lord Ganesha penned the Mahabharata after knowing that sage Vyasa will recite it to him. This was done under the condition that Vyasa would not pause while reciting the epic and that Ganesha would not pause while writing. Ganesha recognised the task’s magnitude and significance, and that any regular pen would be inadequate to do it. As a result, he fractured one of his own tusks and turned it into a pen. The takeaway from this is that no sacrifice is too great while pursuing knowledge.


Without telling to her husband, Goddess Parvati, created an idol of a boy out of turmeric powder and gave it life. As a result, Lord Shiva became enraged and decapitated Ganesha’s head when Ganesha refused to let him enter his home because Goddess Parvati was taking a bath there. According to tradition, when Lord Brahma later went in search of an animal (to replace Ganesha’s head), the first creature he discovered was an was an elephant.


Suryadev was actually worshipped by a monster by the name of Krodhasur, who also stole the blessing of cosmic triumph from him. All of the gods were terrified as a result of this Krodhasura’s boon. Krodhasura was made aware of the fact that he could never be a world-class warrior like Ganesha and he recognised it as a Lambodar. Krodhasura halted his successful campaign, packed up his possessions, and travelled to Hades.


Lord Vishnu is claimed to have dissolved his wife Vrinda’s chastity in order order to kill a demon named Jalandhar. After that, a monster named Kamasura was born. According to legend, ‘Kamasura worshipped Shiva and received Trilok Vijay’s grace. He then began torturing the gods in the same way that other demons do. Gods then prayed to Lord Ganesha. After that, Lord Ganpati took physical form and descended upon Peacock in a fearsome form. He killed Kamasura and relived the earth from evil.

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