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French next President married his school teacher who is 26 years older to him

The heart wants what the heart wants  is a cliche that couldn’t be more accurate. We truly can’t help with whom we fall in love. Love doesn’t care if someone is older or younger, but we certainly do.Age is just a number, maturity is what matters in relationship

Here is the fine example of France youngest ever president candidate Macron  who got married to a Brigitte Macron,the 64-year-old wife, which is 24 years older to him.

The pair also first meet when she was his high school drama teacher and she meet the talented student when he was 15 and she a married mother of three

The Daily Mail’s Jan Moir advised Macron to avoid taking his wife with him on official business, or else risk being seen as “a mummy’s boy with a wife who is 25 years older than him”. She pointed to two female leaders, Theresa May and Angela Merkel, who obviously don’t take their husbands with them because doing so would signify a threat to their authority.

The couple got  married in 2007 and still they have no children together, they have embraced the concept of having a large, non-traditional family. Emmanuel has said, “There is no less love in our family.” His stepson is in fact older than he is.

In France, cue the . . . ennui. “No one really cares,” said one observer, who rightly thinks the country is more concerned with far more urgent political matters.

Not so much in the U.K., where one tabloid newspaper, the Sun, ran the screaming headline: “French Kiss: How French election front-runner Emmanuel Macron, 39, seduced gran, 64, who he fell for at FIFTEEN.”

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