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For a ticket worth Rs 8,332, Air India charged this man Rs 14,742 as cancellation fees

With airlines, we can never be sure of certain things. We can never know when they might offload us. We don’t know how their staff may (man)handle our baggage or us! We also don’t know if we will even get on the right plane!

Apart from all that, there are a million other things that can go wrong with airlines. Like this gem we found on Reddit.

So, we’re not really sure what happened here, or how it happened, but this sure sounds bizarre! Shared by an anonymous customer, the photo shows that he/she booked his/her ticket (or tickets?) for Rs 8,332. The refund details then show a cancellation fee of Rs 14,742. Which means that Air India asked him/her to cough up an extra amount of Rs 6,410.

In case you can’t read the tiny text we highlighted, it reads: ‘Under no circumstances, the cancellation charges shall be more than the basic fare plus fuel surcharge’.

If this puzzle doesn’t f*ck with your mind, then we don’t know what will. Will someone, please, explain to us how the airlines charged the poor customer such an exorbitant amount?

*scratches holi-coloured head*

Source: IndiatimesIndiatimes

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