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Five Muslims and one HIV positive bride gets married in mass marriage in Surat

Roads in Surat, Gujarat, was seen flooded with the ethnic red colour on Sunday as hundreds of Indian brides gathers for mass marriage organised by the diamond trader Mahesh Savani.

The mass wedding witnessed around 251 fatherless brides. Among the 251 brides who tied the knots with their soulmate on Sunday, were five Muslim couples and one Christian couple too, whose wedding rituals were conducted according to their traditions. Two HIV positive women also got married in the same event.

According to the report published in The Indian Express, Mahesh Savani believes that it is his social responsibility to help those women to get married who do not have fathers and find it difficult to meet the expenses of their wedding rituals.

He also said, “I have taken the responsibility as their father”. Like a father, he performs the ritual of ‘Kanyadaan’ every year since 2012 as he believes that giving away brides is a blessing from God.

Every year thousands of people witness the ‘mass wedding’ as the family and close relatives of the couples to get married. The trust set up by Savani also gives presents like sofa, beds, and other household items to help these brides start their married life with ease.

The organizers consider it an act of charity and therefore the cost of this grand ceremony is not disclosed.

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