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First Miss Wheelchair World beauty pageant wins hearts of still

In the first of its kind, a beauty hunt for the first Miss Wheelchair has managed to break down the barriers for disabled women and boosted the morale of the many.

Aleksandra Chichikova, a 23-year-old psychology student from Belarus was crowned the first ever Miss Wheelchair world.

β€œFight your anxiety and your fears,” said the first ever Miss Wheelchair world.

The competition, which was organised by a Polish Foundation, held for the first time on a global scale.

Contest co-founder and jury president Katarzyna Wojtaszek-Ginalska told AFP the goal was the event was to β€œchange the image of women in wheelchairs so they would not be judged solely by this attribute”.

Adding to the more, she said that the event was also focused on highlighting that a wheelchair is a luxury in many parts of the world.

Competitors were chosen either in national rounds or by non-governmental organisations.

Miss Wojtaszek-Ginalska added: β€œIt is not the looks that matter the most…we have focused especially on the personality of the girls, their everyday activities, their involvement, social life, plans.”

The contestant spent eight days in the polish capital participating in rehearsals, photo shoots, conferences and visits.

The first-ever edition of the beauty pageant was held in Warsaw on Saturday.

The event featured contestants from countries including Brazil, Canada, France India, Italy, Mexico, Russia and the United States.

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