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How to get success in finding your love in Sharad Purnima

This year Sharad Purnima falls on Thursday, 5th October 2017. The Purnima tithi Starts at 09:17 on 5th October 2017 and ends at 07:39 on 6th October 2017. Kojagara purnima is a very importance vrat and puja people observe on this day in order to please Goddess Maha Lakshmi.
The term Sharad signifies the Sharad Ritu or autumn season in the year. Sharad Purnima is celebrated as a harvest festival and has huge religious significance. It is believed that Maa Lakshmi was born on this day and if devotees stay vigil all night and offer special prayers to Maa Lakshmi, she bestows them with wealth and prosperity even if there is no Lakshmi yog in their Kundli. Many devotees fast in tribute to Maa Lakshmi on this day as well.

On the day of Sharad purnima it is believed that the moon is at its fullest brilliance. It is also believed that it drips Amrit on planet earth on this day. Therefore the moonlight on Sharad Purnima is believed to possess amazing medical and nourishing properties. By staying awake throughout the night on this day under the moonlight is believed to rejuvenate the body. People make kheer or milk rice and place it under the open sky to absorb the moon light throughout the night and consume it in the morning to get the miraculous powers of moonlight for health and happiness.

To get success in finding you love, you need to fallow this:

-Worship of Radha-Krishna in the evening.


– Offer a rosary of both roses together jointly to Rasha- Krishna.


– At midnight, wear white clothes and light the moon.


– After this, chant at least 3 times “Radhaabhabhabhai Namah” mantra.


– Or recite madhuraashtak at least 3 times.


– Then pray for the love you want.


– Keep the garland of offerings offered to God to yourself.

Also read this Mantra:

Om Kleem namah

This mantra increases magnetism in one’s personality along with giving other sexual benefits.

.However, attraction is increased in one’s personality by chanting following mantra too-

Om kleem krishnaygopijan vallabhay swaha

In our culture, kaamdev is considered as the god of love, beauty and sex. For this reason, his importance has been cited for love making everywhere and he is praised. By chanting ‘Kaamdev Vashikaran mantra’ , one can get heights of success in love making. It does not harm anyone.

The mantras are –

Om namah kaamdevay”

“Sahkal sahdrashsahamsah liye vanhe dhoonan janamamdarshan utkanthitam kuru kuru daksh dakshu dhar kusum varen han han swaha

If one recites this mantra for at least 108 times three times in a day for one month, anyone can attain success in getting desired partner for love making. Its because you attain siddhi this way. After mantra siddhi, when you have a look at anyone with the relevant intention, that person comes under your control and influence.



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