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Here’s why Ex- bureaucrats requests EC to ban AAP from election

Edited By: Divya Thearia

16 September 2022 (New Delhi): A group of retired bureaucrats wrote to the Election Commission of India, requesting that action should be taken against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The proceedings should be initiated to withdraw the Aam Aadmi Party’s recognition. They accused AAP for allegedly violating the code of conduct by inducing public servants to work for his party in Gujarat.

We who believe in constitution got disturbed: – Madan Gopal

M Madan Gopal, former Karnataka Additional Chief Secretary, stated that a group of retired bureaucrats wrote to the Election Commission about the matter, citing AAP’s violation of Section 1A of the election symbols order. He said, “Whatever Kejriwal spoke in Rajkot during a press conference was very wrong. We who believe in constitution got disturbed. Such an unbalanced and controversial statement that too from a chief minister of a state.”

Fifty-six Ex-bureaucrats signed the letter

Fifty-six retired bureaucrats wrote to the Election Commission. They request action against Arvind Kejriwal, alleging that during a press conference in Gujarat on September 3, the AAP convenor had induced public servants to work for the party. The letter is signed by former IAS, IFS, and other service officers. The letter claimed Kejriwal’s statements violated Order 16A of the Election Symbols Order, 1968. They demanded that AAP should be banned.

Reckless behaviour by political parties is unacceptable:- Madan Gopal

Former Karnataka Additional Chief Secretary also stated that Arvind Kejriwal, who has served in the government, is well aware of the “Dos and Don’ts.” He went on to say that speaking irresponsibly in a press conference, even as an ex-government official, is extremely wrong. Gopal stated that reckless behaviour by political parties during canvassing is unacceptable.

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