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No Fear No Favour

Is your favourite destination for brainstorming is loo ?


Hearing a toilet flush on the other end of phone while conversing is no more a yucky feeling! Because here, at this divine place all brain storming session starts.

In this smart-tech gadget era, researchers found that teenagers spend more time on toilet than ever expected but doing something innovative as all great ideas pop up on this comfort station.


Every one of us has grown up seeing our grand fathers carrying newspaper on loo followed by our fathers carrying cigarettes. These are just ancient tales to narrate, as here, we ‘The Tech-Savy Generation’ comes replacing everything with our life savior, omni-purpose gadget ‘The Phone.’

Get all multitasking work done as innovative minds exercise for active neurons and boost memory at this space.


To know the bathroom phone habits, a research using Survey Monkey Audience reveals that 61% of people admit to using their mobile phones while going to the bathroom. 49% of people read text messages while in the bathroom. 92% of respondents checked social media on the phone in the past month. 30% even answered the phone while in the bathroom. And the exciting part, 9% of users admitted to dropping their phone at one point in the toilet. Oops!


So next time your eyes remain wide open seeing a striking image on Snapchat or you droll at some juicy mouthwatering Insta images of Red Velvet or Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse cake, know that chances are good that the capturer of those moments posted it from toilet.

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