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Farmer’s Son Vaibhav Tidke becomes an entrepreneur

To be an entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter from where do you come from, the only thing that matter is you ideas and how dedicate you are working on that.

Here is a story of Vaibhav Tidke who hail from a family of farmers in rural Maharashtra.He  did his engineering from Mumbai’s Institue of Chemical Technology.During his last year at college in 2008  he laid down the foundation of an organization to benefit society, in particularly farmers.

Vaibhav Tidke formed his organization with the help from friends and professors and named as Science4Society Technology.

Science4Society Technology  is best known for developing the Solar Conductor Dryer, a device that aids the storage of farm produce without resorting to preservatives or artificial additives.

He got his capital idea when he saw how often saw fresh farm produce go to waste, due to the lack of proper storage options.He got the solution during his engineering which helped him understand those and device solution.
The solar conductor dryer offers a sustainable solution to these obstacles. The dryer incorporates a patented food-drying technology that helps to extend the shelf life of produce without adding any preservatives to the mix. Not only vegetables and fruits, the equipment can also be used to meats, seafood and spices.

The solar dryer also consumes lesser energy than regular dryers and refrigeration devices, and keeps carbon footprint to a minimum. The equipment is particularly useful when food must be transported over long distances or for the purpose of creating healthy packaged foods.

Recently, S4S team has developed a solar dyer for domestic use as well.

Food Dryer is used to dehydrate fruits and vegetables in a controlled environment at home. It can also be used for making pet food, dried fish, candied fruits and even potpourri. The product came about as the S4S team began receiving requests from families for a smaller version of their solar conductor dryers.

Since the formation of organization, S4S has achieved feather on it’s cap by installing solar conductor dyer in other 7 countries as well naming France, Jamaica, Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Bangladesh

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