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Exposed: This Is How The Large Crowd In The Movie Scene Are Being Called

Have you ever fascinated by watching a scene in the movie with thousands of people cheering? Or just by looking at the mesmerising sea of people present in the particular shot in the movie and that to of a small budget movie? Have you ever wondered how the “crowd” is managed? Well, we will quench your thirst for knowledge.

In this expensive world of technology, or Compute Generated Imagery (CGI) Directors and Producers, often, look for price cutting alternatives to bring down the money which is being put in the making of the movie. For that, and to show the crowd, the inflatable is being used. Yes! You read that correct. The inflatables are the new crowds that you see in that movie, if not the CGI.

Though not so prevalent in India, in America it’s quite picking up the steam. A company, named ‘The Inflatable Crowd Company’ is offering the alternative- plastic, inflatable mannequins thirty thousands of them for use in movies where the large crowd is required.

The company was formed in 2002 and has created crowd scenes for the Hollywood movie Sea Biscuit, The King’s Speech, Frost, American Gangster, Spiderman 3 to name a few. Have a look how this functions.

1. Here are some pictures of the crowd up close, and as they appear in the movies.

2. Blow up dolls are taken from their boxes and inflated for shooting in a commercial.

3. The dolls are then dressed. They still don’t have faces. These along with wig, hat etc. are fitted later.

4. Up close they look shabby and horribly fake, but under the correct lighting and camera angle, they pass on pretty good.

5. A scene on the sets of the movie American Gangster with 1,500 Inflatables.

6. A scene on the sets of the movie Cinderella Man with 11,000 Inflatables

7. A scene on the sets of the movie We Are Marshall with 2,400 Inflatables

8. A scene on the sets of the movie The Changeling with 400 Inflatables

9. A scene on the sets of the movie Glory Road with 4,000 Inflatables

A new revolution in the world of cinema

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