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Even Death Bows To Mothers. Here Is The Proof!

We all know, what mother’s love is! Mother is the holiest creature of god ever. No one can level up to mother’s love for her kids. It is true that god created mother, to hold his absence.

Not only in humans, the love of a mother, is constant in every creature of god. The power of such affection is proved by a monkey super mum. This mother dragged her son out of the death bed.

The mother’s anguish has been captured in a stunning image of a monkey clutching her collapsed offspring.

The monkey, appearing to be wailing as it holds the limp body of her baby, was photographed in Jabalpur, India, by 31-year-old Avinash Lodhi.

Happily, moments after it was taken, the youngster appeared to make a full recovery.

Avinash said: ‘This picture is very close to my heart because throughout my entire photography career I have never seen anything like this.’

The picture was clicked at Madhya Pradesh, in central India, and the photographer of the picture said: ‘It was so quick I didn’t even know what was happening when I took the picture but as soon as I confirmed the image I was silent for an hour.

‘This moment is rare, especially with animals”

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