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End Of An Era. End Of An Age. Thank You ‘Deadman’ For Making Our Childhood Awesome.

If you are a WWE Fan and a 90’s kid, you might have had tears when Undertaker finally decided to call it quit and rest his gear in the middle of the ring. There is nothing left to show to the world for him. He has proved his worth over time and he deserves every bit of praise and respect that he got, he earned them all.

Wrestle mania 33 will go down as one of the most unforgettable event for the WWE Fans. The Whole WWE Universe witnessed their beloved ‘The Undertaker’ gracing the wrestling ring for one last time. It was a roller coaster of emotions for all the wrestling freaks all over the globe. Whatever that was left of my childhood with WWE ended with ‘The Phenom’s retirement.

But to be honest Undertaker’s retirement was long overdue. Apart from the iconic entry and those scary stares, The Deadman looked ordinary in the ring. He was never at per with Roman Reigns. He was not even close to what he was half a decade back. His mind and heart may still want to fight but his ageing body was asking him to stop all throughout the match.

After entertaining billions of his admirers for 25 long years The Undertaker finally bade ‘Good Bye’ to the WWE Universe. He lost to Roman Reigns in his last ever encounter but won over all the hearts witnessing him battling it out for one last time in the Coveted WWE Ring.

As they say every good thing has to come to an end and even the man who conquered death is no exception to it. Nevertheless, once a legend always a legend. He will go down as the greatest of all time and there is no denying that. He lived as a legend and left as one. You will be missed Mr UNDERTAKER.

By Abhishek Dey

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