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Emma Morano, world’s oldest person from Italy, dies at 117

Living 100 years is something that we don’t even dream of these days. But here is a woman who lived through 3 centuries. Emma Morano, world’s oldest living being till yesterday died at 117 years of age in Italy. She was born in 1899 and died in 2017 making her the only person to be alive in three different centuries. She had the Guinness World for the oldest living person in the world, registered on her name. 

What is the secret of her health that kept her going for so long? There might be a coming together of so many reasons. Isn’t it?

She had attributed her longevity to her genetics and a diet of three eggs a day, two of them raw. She claims that it was her zeal to live free and not to be dominated by anyone made her live that long.

The Italian media extensively covered the news of her death yesterday.

Do you know she too had a love story? She loved a boy who died in the world war. She was married to a madman who would have killed her if she did not get married to him. According to Emma, it was her decision to kick out her husband that kept her zeal alive. She even credits this decision for her healthy and long life.

Emma Morano never got married again, she doesn’t have any children. She left working full time at the age of 75 and then on she lived on a strict diet and doctor’s supervision to stay fit and healthy.

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