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Elon Musk agrees on the dare of wearing Red Satin shorts launched by Tesla to a meeting

By Purvi Jain

Elon Musk made a good promise of releasing ‘tesla shorts’. On the weekend, the Tesla founder and CEO launched a pair of red satin shorts in the online store as an evident response to the naysayers and short-sellers. Twitter was left amused however that Mr. Musk who tweeted revealing over the purchase of a pair of shorts for himself of size XL and a user dared him to wear that to a stakeholders’ meeting.

On Thursday, Mr. Musk had mocked securities regulators and short sellers celebrating the firm’s rise as the world’s most valuable carmaker.

Mr. Musk tweeted, “Tesla will make fabulous short shorts in radiant red satin color with gold trim” mocking short-sellers who borrow and further sell stocks, hoping a fall in price and make a profit.

He kept his promise and put up shorts on the website of Tesla on Sunday. The short shorts on Tesla shop website with gold trim and ‘S3XY’ with gold at the back, which happens to be made by Tesla model name.

“I bought a pair of XL,” says Mr. Musk, 49, who responded to a tweet regarding red satin shorts.

While the tweet gathered more than 8000 likes and one of the Twitter users dared him to wear those red satin shorts at a business meeting.

“Double dare you to wear on shareholders meeting,” wrote a Twitterati, prompting a ridiculous reply from Mr. Musk. Have a look at it:

Elon Musk who turned 49 years old last month has been seen as a visionary boss and an unpredictable one on Twitter when he communicates in defiance to the rules applied by the publicly-traded company.

Fraud charges rooting from a tweet once cost him and the company $20 million and a requirement implementation that his social media use is supervised by Tesla.

Tesla’s rise came as Detroit Stalwarts General Motors and Fiat Chrysler reported a decline in auto sales amid COVID-19 pandemic.

The company still sells a fraction of autos of rivals, however, it has captured investors’ imagination as a bet on challenged conventional wisdom on CEO while trying to shift the industry towards electronic cars.

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