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Ed Shareen’s ‘Shape Of You’ will Definitely Make You Think Before You Waste Your Food

Ed Sheeran’s music video ‘Shape of You’ have rocked the charts and have been number one since it’s release. The song has been given the mix of different flavours people around the world. From IIT-Roorkee students to bhangra mix, this song has been presented by people in their own versions.

But this is the first time someone has included a social issue in the song. A channel named ‘Global Citizen’, which is also known to raise the social issue in the public forum had found a better way to aware the masses through ‘Shape of You’

This 2.25 minutes long video was released on March 20th, 2017 has become a sensation on the internet. It gives a message to stop food wastage and think about people dying of hunger in the world. 

Many celebrities have come forward to stop food wastage. One of them is Freida Pinto who took an initiative to feed hundreds of hungry people from the food left over from the Oscars After Party.

 Around 800 people in Los Angeles were fed after theSlumdog Millionaire star teamed up with Copia, an organisation that uses technology to tackle food waste. 

 Narendra Modi on his radio show of ‘Man ki Baat’ had also raised his concern over the amount of food wastage been done by Indians. He said that “thousands of people around the world and also in India sleep hungry every day so before wasting food have some concern for them.” 

 The video is quite inspiring, and force us to do some self-inspection. Watch this video here:

By – Parul Kulshrestha

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