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Dutch installed Traffic lights on the sidewalks for mobile freak. Isn’t It cool?

It’s a reality of modern life, that people walk down the street looking at their phones.Whether you have to reply a Whatsapp text, check out the latest news or post your latest selfie on Instagram.This has become a serious problem, that while walking on the road, most of the people stare at their phone.Sometimes it could lead out to a fatal mishap.

To avoid this accident, a Dutch town of  Bodegraven has come out with a solution in an unusual way of keeping phone addicted commuters safe: installing traffic lights in the pavement.The town has installed, LED light strips on the sidewalk threat is connected with traffic signals and turn red or green at pedestrian crossings, so that people can’t miss them even if their eyes are stuck toward their smartphone screens.

The lights were built by HIG Traffic Systems, a company that is based in the town, and so far have been installed at a single intersection for a pilot project, but the company hopes to spread the idea to other towns and cities if the trial is successful.

This is not the first time such an approach has been adopted.

Last year also authorities in the southern German city of Augsburg installed in-ground traffic lights at crossings in two crowded train stations after they saw a similar system in Cologne.

The flashing lights cost about 10,000 euros (S$15,300) each.

It will be interesting to see if such type of technology is introduced in India

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