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Durex Trolled Ranveer Singh’s Outfit Which Looks Like A Condom

No one knows the art to remain in the spotlight better than Ranveer Singh himself, whether it’s a controversy or his love life. Every time you think this is the craziest thing Ranveer has done and then he comes back with a crazier version of himself. This outfit he wore is definitely bizarre and twitter did agree when his picture was posted. Ranveer Singh plays well everytime, but this time he is in the news, again, for his weird dressing sense.

This recent outfit that he pulled-off was at Shahid Kapoor’s pre-birthday bash. He obviously triggered a lot of jokes and made everyone of us wonder WHY wear something like this?

But there’s something Durex India did that was really smart. Ranveer Singh’s outfit which was trolled for looking like a condom, was welcomed by Durex India with this funny tweet here –

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