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Dragged-Out Passenger Gave A $750Million Downfall To The Airlines Company.

The case of dragging out the passenger from an over-crowded Plane has got its lime from the internet. This has gained an outrage in International Media. While china is accusing the Airlines Company of being Racist and opted for a boycott to the airlines.

The assumptions are made that the old citizen was thrown out of the overcrowded plane, for being Asian.

It is said after being dragged out of the plane, the passenger ran back into the plane with a face covered in BLOOD,&, he was yelling “ Just Kill Me” redundantly.

As a result of this brutality, United Airlines is now facing the consequences of their act.

watch here:

Reports say, that the market value of the United Airlines has fallen $750 Million from $22.5 Billion in just one day. This just happened after the video of bloodied passenger being dragged out of the plane, brutally.

United’s CEO Oscar Munoz has stood by the decision to remove the man who refused to give up his seat on the overbooked flight to a United employee on stand-by.

In a note to employees, Munoz wrote, “as you will read, this situation was unfortunately compounded when one of the passengers we politely asked to deplane refused and it became necessary to contact Chicago Aviation Security Officers to help. While I deeply regret this situation arose, I also emphatically stand behind all of you, and I want to commend you for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly right.”

It’s good to uniebe a supportive boss, but at what cost?

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