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No Fear No Favour

Don’t waste your Sunday…Monday might just come knocking on your door.

No matter how pathetic our week has been, we all look forward to the Sunday. And for some reason, the Sunday comes and goes in one split second. We try to make the most of it but it keeps slipping away – you get the drift, right? Here are a few hilarious memes that perfectly sum up our Sunday feels. Enjoy these while you can because who knows, by the time you finish reading these, Monday might just come knocking on your door.

Here are the Six quotations related to your Sunday.

1.Read it carefully. hahaha


2.Please don’t ignore…it’s serious.

3.sleepy…sleepy…sleepy Sunday


4.Monday is coming soon…

5.oohhhh Shit!!!…. not again


6.For god sake… please give me a remote



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