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Domino’s delivery boy’s proposal to a woman goes viral on social media; case registered.

Female customer’s contact details mishandled by Domino’s delivery executive; subsequent messaging prompts investigation.

Dominos’ delivery boy’s unethical behavior sparks outrage

A Domino’s delivery guy in Uttar Pradesh misuses a customer’s contact info, causing safety concerns. Twitter user @KanishkaDadhich shares a chat with delivery executive Kabir, expressing unease and raising awareness on social media.

UP police steps in after viral tweet as Domino’s fails to provide a satisfactory response. Chat transcripts expose the delivery guy’s inappropriate message, raising concerns about the mishandling of personal information.

Expressing her concerns, Kanishka questions the ethics of sending a delivery guy who misused her contact information for personal reasons. She emphasizes that this behavior is not an appropriate way to confess feelings and highlights the misuse of customer data. Kanishka also highlights the inconsistency in the delivery guy’s identity across different interactions. Despite her distress, the police helpline number 112 assures her of immediate emergency assistance and promises appropriate action.

In a recent development, Kanishka discloses that Domino’s declined to provide information regarding their delivery executive, prompting her to escalate the issue by taking legal action through the Consumer Court. The incident has sparked widespread outrage on social media, with many online users expressing their frustration and anger toward Domino regarding the incident.

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