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Dogs know when their owners being badly treated and also holds grudges against them.

You may find it interesting but Dogs can recognise when their owners are treated badly and they also hold grudges, new scientific research shows.

Kyoto University scientists tested dogs social cognition as a new research found out that monkeys and children can take offence to those who mistreat them and behave badly to them.

The Times reported that, researchers tested to see how dogs felt about actors who gave food to the homeless, versus those who didn’t.

Earlier the research shows that dogs preferred those who gave them food, but now a new test indicated that they extra like those who gave ‘food’ to an inanimate box or utensils.

In this research, 54 dog owners were told to open a tin box, and then asks an actor for help them.

Some dogs assisted, while others turned away, and scientists monitored how the dogs then reacted when an actor who had refused help offered them a treat versus a neutral person.

Most dogs who had seen the actor refusal of help opted for the treat from the neutral one

Those who had seen the actor help, looked for a treat. Scientist study revealed that this is a way of dog showing ‘social eavesdropping’ skills.

The daily mail reported that’Pet dogs are not merely passive observers of other individuals’ interactions.

‘Instead, in some circumstances at least, they pay attention to the outcome of the interaction, evaluate how the actors behave and make use of that information in reaching a decision about which individuals to interact with or avoid.’

However, there is more work to be done to know if this new found skill would only work if the dogs owners is involved or not.

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