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No Fear No Favour

Do we really need to listen to patriarchal comments in the 21st century?

Byline By- Nitisha Nagpal

Well some people are clearly not living in the recent times. There mindset goes way back in the time . This ultimately gives birth to double standards or better known as hypocrisy. And oh boy they did not mean to be stopping anytime soon.

Recently I saw a video of the talented diva Dolly Singh, If Queer eye was done by Indian Aunties and spoiler alert this video is a sweet slap on all those patriacal comments.

Comments such as every girl should know how to cook and clean, should live in the shadow of her husband, have zero to no ambitions and should only dream about her wedding, should always wear body covering loose cloths were the main highlight of the video shown perfectly.

Well we came across another sensational video by the team ‘Swaddle’, ‘why do we love hating Indian aunties?’ gives off a powerful message to the misogyny of our dear society. The funny question that make us wonder is for who are they keeping a check on us women and judging us openly?

Watching both the videos closely might give you a closure. Follow us for more updates.

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